Scottish Fantasy Fiction Author

Richard J Brown


Richard Brown was born and grew up in Edinburgh, capital city of Scotland. He has been many things, a professional guitarist, a boxer, a conqueror of mountains and, somewhat oddly, a senior executive at a UK financial institution, but one thing has always held true for him, and that is his love of fantasy fiction.

Richard grew up around tales of knights and dragons, acts of valour and glorious endings. Some of his earliest memories are of the animated version of Lord of the Rings, of the brightness of the elves and the grim dark that surrounded the orks.

When he was 11 his father, an avid Fantasy Fiction reader, gave him a copy of David Gemmell's Legend. Its rich characters caught his imagination and soon he had read all his work. Such was his love of the authors writing that when asked to pick an author for his final year dissertation, he persuaded his teachers that the world would not miss yet another critique of Jane Austin or George Bernard Shaw, but instead, that this new Fantasy author should be given a go. His report got an A.

Richard went on to study at Edinburgh University and while his focus was Business and Economics, he indulged his love for the more creative arts through studying Criminology and aspects of psychology. Why do people do the things they do? What makes good people good, and bad people bad, but more interestingly, what make good people bad and bad people good? Upon graduating he started work at a Financial Institution and worked there in the years running up to the 2008 crash, and the years after it. The stark differences make for interesting observations.

Into the Grey is Richard's first Novel and explores this notion. As Gemmell was clear to point out, people are not good, nor bad. They are people who are capable of both. Into the Grey considers that from a series of evolving aspects.