By Richard J Brown

In the beginning there was Light:

Ashlar Lightbringer, member of the Angelic Brightguard and nephew to the retired hero, Jeddah Lightbringer, has vanished. While his family fear for his safety the Clergy, self appointed watchmen of Heaven, sharpen their tongues with rumours of forsaken vows and ready their swords for retribution. The race is on to determine his fate.

And the Light was separated from the Dark:

Samgrim, newly spawned into the horrific sweltering, gutted half light of hell, finds himself unaware of the act which has bought him his fate, but unable to escape the brutal fact that he must, under the guidance of the monstrous Sorka Ak Talon, find his daemonic powers and commit himself to kill or be killed. It is a choice he cannot fathom and a challenge that not all would see him succeed in.

And with the creation of the Dark, came a choice for all Eden's Kind:

Beth and Matt dwell in the mortal world of Eden, their paths twisted and turned as both the Light and the Dark battle for their soulds. Can they survive long enough to choose their own fate?


Into the Grey is the fantastic new Fantasy Fiction novel by Scottish writer, Richard J Brown. It is available now on Amazon in soft back or to download as an Ebook.

Scottish Fantasy Fiction Author